Process Enforcement: Don't let human error impact your business

Every time a technician makes a mistake in the restoration process, it costs your business time and money that you don't have. You need a tool that will help you monitor the field with 100% accuracy and will ensure your technicians don't make mistakes. Clean Claims is a process enforcement and remote monitoring software that helps eliminate your frustrations & gain peace of mind.

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Elevate & Simplify Your Restoration Process

Field Documentation

Centralize your field service management and fully document your projects.

Process Enforcement

Step-by-step field documentation management for perfect documentation.

Remote Monitoring

Save time and money with our remote sensors that give you live data 24/7.

Insurance Approved

Gain the trust of insurance adjusters and get paid quicker than before.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Technicians can learn to use the software in less than one week.

No More Blame Game

Every action on every job is timestamped and attributed to a single person.

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It's time to eliminate your biggest frustrations

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