Enhancing Customer Satisfaction with Clean Claims Process Enforcement & Remote Monitoring Software

Restoration projects can be quite overwhelming for homeowners dealing with water damage, roof leaks, and other disasters. Choosing the right restoration company is crucial for a seamless experience, and it helps when the company utilizes efficient software like Clean Claims. But how does Clean Claims impact the customer experience during a restoration project? Jake Mix, a recent customer of Lund Restoration, shares his first-hand experience with the Clean Claims software.

Clear Documentation from the Start

Jake was impressed with the clear documentation provided by Rob, the owner of Lund Restoration, right from the beginning. Clean Claims allowed Rob to present Jake with a comprehensive document detailing the job specifics and initial readings. With Clean Claims, customers can quickly understand the work involved and track the progress of the project.

Remote Monitoring: A Game Changer

Clean Claims offers remote monitoring features that allow restoration professionals to track progress without having to visit the site daily. For Jake, this was a game changer, as Rob could update him about the project without needing to be physically present.

With remote monitoring, Rob was even able to go out of town and still provide updates on the project. This level of convenience and accessibility is a great asset to customers who value real-time information about their restoration projects.

Seamless Communication with Insurance Adjusters

Clean Claims also played a crucial role in simplifying the insurance aspect of the restoration project. As someone who didn’t have much experience with insurance, Jake found it extremely helpful that Rob could communicate with the insurance adjuster and send them all the necessary documentation through Clean Claims. This streamlined process ensured a smoother experience for the customer and the restoration company.


Clean Claims not only benefits restoration business owners but also enhances the customer experience by providing transparent documentation, real-time remote monitoring, and seamless communication with insurance adjusters. With Clean Claims, customers like Jake can have peace of mind knowing that their restoration projects are being handled efficiently and professionally.

If you want to learn more about how Clean Claims can benefit your restoration business and improve the experience for your customers, schedule a demo OR sign up for free below. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you transform your restoration business for the better.

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